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Soal English SMA 1994

Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional

Tahun 1994

Bahasa Inggris

Text I


People had thought of building spacecraft several
hundred years ago. They had thought of going to the
moon and many other planets. Papers on spacecraft can
be found among the papers of famous scientist who
lived centuries ago. However, the craft could not be
built until after World War II.

It is not easy to build a spacecraft. A spacecraft
needs a good rocket that is strong enough to send it to
outer space. Such a motor was not developed until

A spacecraft also needs as many as rend million
very sophisticated parts. These parts are needed so that
the craft can function well when it is flying far away
from earth. These parts must have very high precision
elements. Each of them must have the right shape and
the right size. Such parts could not be mode until after

Today, spacecraft are being made all the time.
They have to be enough to carry astronauts into outer
space. What does a spacecraft look like? A spacecraft
usually consist of three rockets that are joined together.
The three rockets are called stages. The first stage takes
the spacecraft to a certain speed and then falls away.
The second stage takes it to speed twice as great as the
first, and then it also falls away. The third stage takes
the spacecraft to its top speed of more than 38,600
kilometers per hour.

Where is the place for the astronauts? It is at the
top of the spacecraft. In the nose of the third stage a
capsule. In this capsule are the astronauts and the
instrument package. This capsule is actually the
smallest part of the ship. But all sorts of very
sophisticated instruments are found into his capsule.
This little capsule is the most important part of the


Each spacecraft usually has three rockets that are called

A. motor
B. stages
C. capsules
D. elements
E. packages


The function of the rockets is fund in paragraph ...

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5


Which of the following statement is right?

A. Spacecraft have been built since 1994
B. All the three stages have the same speed
C. Out of the three stages, the first it the fasts
D. The firs rocket falls away as soon as it is air bone
E. The most important part of the craft is where the
astronauts are


How fast is the second rocket? It is ...

A. half of the first
B. faster than the third
C. as fast as the first
D. double the speed of the first
E. the fastest of the three rockets


A spacecraft also needs as many as ten million very
sophisticated parts. The underlined word means ...

A. Big
B. Good
C. Strong
D. Simple
E. Complex

Text 2


The word "marine" comes from the Latin word
"mare1 which means "sea". Marine life means all the
animal and plant species that live in the waters of the

The geography of the seabed, the floor of the sea,
is not so different from that of the land. There are hills,
high mountains, valleys, rolling plains and plateaus.
Below the low tide mark, the bottom of the sea slopes
gently down word to a depth of about 100 fathoms, in
the form of a shelf know as the continental shelf.

On the surface of the sea there are tiny floating
plants and animals, including the eggs and young of
larger animal and jellyfishes that are called "plankton".
The plankton is important because a great many fishes
feed on it. Several kinds of animal such as crabs,
lobsters, shrimp, squids, octopuses, mollucsc (shellfish
of all kinds), anemones and sponges live on the
seashore. Such animal can also be found on the
continental shelf, but the animals that live in the deeper
waters are usually larger.

Seaweeds live in the shallow waters, not deeper
than 50 fathoms as they need fairly strong sunlight to
assimilate their food. In China and Japan seaweeds are
eaten: ill europe carrageen is used for thickening soup
and making jellies.

The really deep sea is cold and dark because the
sunlight cannot penetrate the depths. The pressure in
the deep sea higher than in the shallow water, and the
fishes are much more fragile and delicate in appearance
than| those from parts of the sea where the pressure is
lower; Some have large eyes and can see, but other are
completely blind.

We should look on the sea as a valuable source
food. Fishing industries should know the location of 1
fish they are trying to catch, and how .many can be
caught without killing off the whole species.


Plankton is layer of tiny animal and plants that live on
the ...

A. seabed
B. floor of the sea
C. bottom of the sea
D. surface of the sea
E. continental shelf


"... as they need fairly strong sunlight ..." (paragraph 5)

The word 'they' refers to ...

A. waters
B. jellies
C. fathoms
D. sponges
E. seaweeds


The description of the bottom of the sea is fund in
paragraph ...

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. Five


Which of these statement is true according to the text?

A. Seaweeds can live without sunlight
B. Marine life means everything found in the sea
C. Tiny floating plants live in the deep sea
D. Sunlight can penetrate the very deep sea
E. The geography of the seabed is similar to that of
the land


The plankton is important because a great many fishes
feed on it. (paragraph 3)

The underline word means ...

A. eat
B. get
C. catch
D. attack
E. swallow

Text 3


Hydroponics is the term used to describe the
several ways in which plants can be raised without soil.
These methods, also known generally as soilles
gardening include raising plants in containers filled
with water or any of other nonsoil mediums - including
gravel, sand vermiculite and other more exotic
medium, such as crushed rock or bricks, and shards of
cinder blocks.

There are several excellent reasons for replacing
soil with a sterilize medium. Soil-borne pests and
diseases are immediately elimated, as weeds are. And
the labour involved is reduced.

More important, raising plants in a nonsoil
medium will allow you to grow more plants in limited
amount of space. Food crops will mature more rapidly
and produce greater yields. Water and fertilizer are
conserved, since they can be reused. In addition
hydroponics allow you to exert greater control over
your plants, to insure more uniform results.

All of this is possible by the relation of a plant
with it's growing medium. It isn't soil that plants need-
it's the reserves of nutrients and moisture contained in
the soil, as well as the support the soil renders the
plant. Any growing medium will give adequate

The methods of hydroponics gardening developed
over the past forty-five years can be divided into
categories defined by the medium in which the plant
are grown. In water culture, the plants are grow only in
water, or in a water and nutrient solution. Sand culture
calls for raising, plants in sterile sand, into which a
water and nutrient solution is pumped. Aggregate
culture replaces the sand, instead of using one of the
materials such as gravel or vermiculite, and retaining
the method of pumping a water and nutrient solution
into the material. Finally, there are number of
experimental or unorthodox techniques.

Hydroponics units have been used to replace the
conventional benches in a green house, and soil-borne
pests and diseases are avoided.


Why is hydroponics knows as soil less gardening?

A. Plants can only be raised in soil
B. Plants can be raised without soil
C. Soil in the garden needs much water
D. Garden is not provided by nonsoil medium
E. Crushed rocks or bricks are hard for plants


What must be given regularly to the plants raised in
hydroponics units?

A. Gravel and sand
B. Sand and bricks
C. Water and fertilizer
D. Sand and vermiculite
E. Crushed rocks and bricks


Food crops from hydroponics can be harvested earlier
This information is found in paragraph ...

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6


Which of the following statements in correct according
to the text?

A. Water and fertilizer cannot be raised
B. Soil-borne pests develop in hydroponics
C. Raising plants in a nonsoil medium is impossible
D. Plants are categorized according to their containers
E. Hydroponics gardening can be operated in limited


Soil-borne pests and diseases are immediately
eliminated (paragraph 2)

The underline word means ...

A. handled
B. removed
C. stopped
D. destroyed
E. developed

Text 4


As the supplies of fossil fuels-coal, oil and gas are
running out, scientists have been working hard trying
to find ways of obtaining other kinds of fuel. They
have succeeded in finding one that is very efficient;
nuclear fuel, However, the ores which produce this in
of energy, e.g. uranium ores, will eventually run out,
too. Fortunately a source of abundant energy, which is
virtually inexhaustible-sunlight-has been waiting for
the scientist.

The sun sends out energy equal to that produced
by 10,00 million tons of coal every second, of which
the earth receives only one two-billionth part. It is
estimated that the energy which falls no one square
matre of the earth's surface per second can be used to
keep about seven 100 watt lamps burning. The sun's
energy is really abundant, but only a limited amount
has so far been used by man. The sun can also used as
a source of fuel for power plants. Such power plants
are still in the experimental stages.

However, it is hoped that they will lead the way
to a wider use of solar energy to run machines.

Solar energy can be used in telephone
communications, space technology, and farming. Solar
batteries have been in experimental use for a number of
years to power telephone lines. They are now being
used to recharge batteries which power instruments
used in space vehicles. Scientists have also succeeded
in developing solar pumps that can raise water for

The sun seems to be ideal source of energy for a
great many uses. Yet to change the abundant sunlight
into energy is a different matter. The instruments
needed to catch the sun's energy are still very
.expensive. However, once man succeeds in catching
even a small part of that energy, no body would worry
about running out of fossil fuels or uranium ores.

It lines in the hands of the scientist to make this
dream come true.


Why do people worry about oil and coal as sources of
energy? Because ...

A. they are decreasing in quality
B. they are very efficient kinds of fuel
C. they will run out in the course of time
D. they are inexhaustible sources of energy
E. there are abundant fossil fuels on the earth


"Solar energy has been used in many different fields".

This information can be found in paragraph ...

A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 4 and5
E. 5 and 3


Find out the statement which is not correct according to
the text

A. There is plentiful of solar energy
B. Uranium ores produces nuclear energy
C. Solar energy can be used in telephone
D. The instrument for catching the sun energy has
already been widely developed
E. Fossil fuels are estimated to be running out


They have succeeded in finding one that is very
efficients ; nuclear fuel, (paragraph 1)

'one' refers to ...

A. oil
B. gas
C. ore
D. fuel
E. coal


".... e.g. uranium ores, will eventually run out, too."
(paragraph 1)

The underlined word means ...

A. slowly
B. evenly
C. finally
D. exactly
E. virtually

Text 5


The electric current supplied to your home from
the power station is alternating current, or AC for short.
AC reverses its direction of flow 100 times, every
second. It flows 50 times in one direction. AC is easier
to generate and to transmit than DC (direct current).
Another reason that AC is used for domestic power
supplies is that its voltage can changed by a device
called a transformer.

Huge quantities of electrical energy are produced
by a power station. AH this electricity must be sent out
across the country to houses, shops, and factories. To
'push' the electricity out over long distances, very high
voltages are needed. However, when the electricity
reaches it's destination, lower voltages are needed
because high voltages are very dangerous.

High voltages are 'stepped-down' by means of a
transformer, an invention of the nineteenth-century
English scientist Michael Faraday, who also discovered
the principle of the dynamo. (The dynamo can change
mechanical energy into electrical energy). The
transformer consists of two coils of wire than the other.
If AC is passed through one coil, it induces moving
lines of magnetic force.

This is turn induces an electric current in the other
coil. Suppose coil A has half as many turns as coil B,
then the voltage induced in it will be half the voltage in
coil B. in this way the voltages can be reduced. At the
same time the current can be increased.

The power supply from the power station is
stepped-down by transformers from hundreds of
thousands of volts to 220 volts for domestic use.
Houses are wired with electric circuits. Electricity
coming into the house passed through a meter, which
measures the amount of electricity used, so that the
supplier can charge for it. The current also passes
through a fuse box. A fuse protects electrical
appliances from overloading. If too much power is
taken, a wire in the fuse gets hot and melts, so breaking
the circuit and acting as a 'switch'.


The electric energy supplied to our houses is from a ...

A. Fuse box
B. Transformer
C. Power station
D. Electric meter
E. Electrical appliance


A transformer is used to ...

A. Produce electric energy
B. Protect an appliance from getting too hot
C. Change the voltage of an electric current
D. Indicate how much electricity has been used
E. Change direct current into alternating current


Which statement is true according to the text?

A. The function of an electric meter is to check?
whether there is an electric current or not
B. The electric current which goes into house is?
changed into direct current first
C. The electric current which comes from a power
plant is alternative current
D. The amount of electricity that is used can be seen
in a fuse box
E. A fuse will function when electrical appliances are


What device did Michael Faraday discover?

A. The fuse
B. The generator
C. The transformer
D. The electrical meter
E. The electrical appliance


AC is easier to generate and to transmit than direct

The underlined word above means to ...

A. flow
B. send
C. induce
D. supply
E. change


After taking off, the plane continues to ascend until

it reaches an altitude of 25,000 feet.

The opposite of the word 'ascend' is to ...

A. go down
B. run down
C. fall down
D. come down
E. climb down


Ii) Europe the temperature in each ... differs greatly

A. Cycle
B. Season
C. Climate
D. Weather
E. Condition


Forest is a valuable natural resource; that's why we
should ... it.

A. Abandon
B. Destroy
C. Neglect
D. Conserve
E. Eliminate


If the space crew land on the surface of the moon, they
will experience the gravity exerted by the moon.

The underlined word means ...

A. put
B. used
C. given
D. pushed
E. thrown away


Too many people means that pure water is becoming
scarce in many areas.

The antonym of the underlined word is ...

A. rare
B. common
C. strange
D. plentiful
E. sufficient


Through ecology, we try, to ... the balance in the
ecological system.

A. Make
B. Adapt
C. Release
D. Restore
E. Interfere


The part of the car shown by the arrow is called ...

A. Rear light
B. Turn signal
C. Wing mirror
D. Wind screen
E. Steering wheel


One of the functions of the organ pointed by the arrow
is to ...

A. Digest food
B. Absorb proteins
C. C Neutralize poison
D. Send out carbon dioxide
E. Absorb water and mineral


Which of the following is not related to the wildlife

A. Aviation
B. Extinction
C. Protection
D. Preservation
E. Reforestation


Only qualified medical ... are allowed to administer this
powerful drug.

A. Dentitions
B. Scientist
C. Supervisors
D. Practitioners
E. Administrators


The children are watching TV now because they ...
their homework.

A. Are doing
B. Had done
C. Have done
D. Were doing
E. Will have done


X : Have you sent the letter?

Y : No, I haven't finished typing it.

X : What? You ... have sent it yesterday

Y : I'm sorry. I'll send it immediately

A. may
B. might
C. could
D. would
E. should


The" man is an engineer. His wife had a birthday party

The best combination of the two sentences is ...

A. The wife who is an engineer had a birthday party
B. The wife who had a birthday party yesterday is an
C. The man who had a birthday party yesterday is an
D. The man whose wife is an engineer had a birthday
party yesterday
E. The man whose wife had a birthday party
yesterday is an engineer


Amanda always gets good marks in her exams ...

A. If she doesn't study at all
B. But she always studies hard
C. Although she has studied hard
D. Because she always studies hard
E. Therefore she never gets a reward


Budi : I like that film very much

Rahmat : ... I have seen it three times

A. so am I
B. I am too
C. So do I
D. I don't either
E. Neither do I


The naughty boy shouts and walks unsteadily as if he
were drunk. Actually the boy ...

A. is drunk
B. was drunk
C. is not drunk
D. has been drunk
E. had been drunk


Dono failed his exams. He was very unhappy

If only Dono ... he would have passed his exams.

A. studied hard
B. has studied hard
C. has studied hard
D. was studying hard
E. has been studying hard


I realize that I am a naughty boy, but I never hurt you

A. Do I
B. Do you
C. Don't I
D. Don't you
E. Aren't I


Debora : "What's your plan after finishing your study
at the SMA

Andi : "I ... a job, because my parents can't support
my education anymore."

A. would like to get
B. don't try to get
C. am afraid of getting
D. am sorry for getting
E. am worried about getting


It's already 3 p.m. Lusi, a twelve year old girl, hasn't
come home yet

Mother : ... something bad happens to her

Father : Don't worry. I'm sure she is all right.

A. I'm sorry
B. I'm afraid
C. I'm not sure
D. I don't know
E. I don't care


Look at these pictures!

Write two sentences based on the pictures above
comparing their size

1. Iwan's house with Jono's

2. Harry's house with the two others


Write two sentences using 'have' and 'get' which have
the same meaning as the sentences below. Adi never
repairs his car himself. He always asks mechanic to do

1. .................................

2. .................................


Complete the dialogue with two possible expression

Leny : ... your dictionary, Santo? Mine is not a
complete one

Santo : Sure. Here you are

1 ................................................

2 .................................................


Complete the dialogue with two possible expression!

You want to post a letter, but you are not able to g to
the post office. You need someone's help.

+ : 1 ..................................................

2 .................................................

- : I'm sorry. I have a lot of work to do


Complete the dialogue with two possible expression

Student A : "What do you think of our seminar?

Students : 1 ......... the seminar is very useful for us

2 ......... the seminar is very useful for us

Student A : "I think so."


Soal English SMA 1993

Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir

Tahun 1993

Bahasa Inggris

Wacana 1


There many kinds of pollution. They can be
grouped into several major classifications, of which we
mention here; water pollution, air pollution, noise
pollution and radiation pollution.

Air pollution is caused by car engines and by big
factories with large chimneys through which dirty air

Land pollution can be caused by waste or rubbish
such as paper, bottles, alumunium, scraps, junk, etc.
Because of our carelessness and laziness, our
surrounding are very dirty. They are filled with
household as well factory waste. Some waste can be
broken down by natural organisms such as bacteria.
Rubbish like this is called organic waste. On the other
hand, rubbish which cannot be broken down by natural
organisms is called in organic waste. This is more
difficult to dispose of and it makes the surroundings
very unpleasant to look at.

Noise pollution can be caused by several thins;
loud music through loudspeakers, the noise of
motorized vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorcycles,
and also aircraft. Loud noise may caused deafness. It
can affect the heart and cause nervous strain.

Radiation pollution can kill many people in one
moment. It is caused by uranium and other radioactive.
The testing of atomic weapons is feared by people in
general because atomic weapon are radioactive. These
are a few example of the different kinds of pollution in
our lives.


Rubbish such as bottles, paper, plastic etc may cause ...

A. air
B. noise
C. land
D. water
E. radiation


Why is loud noise dangerous to our ears?

A. It was cause deafness
B. It makes us feel nervous
C. It can cause annoyance
D. It can make us feel upset
E. It may disturb our concentration


Radiation pollution can cause the death of many
people. We can get information from paragraph ...

A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
E. five


Which of these statements is true according to the text?

A. Loud noise is harmless to our ears.
B. Rubbish or waste can cause air pollution.
C. Factories and cars can cause land pollution.
D. Natural organism can break down some waste.
E. People are in favour of testing or atomic weapon.


This is more difficult to dispose of ... (paragraph 3).

"Dispose of means to ...

A. keep out
B. carry out
C. get rid of
D. arrange for
E. finalize with

Wacana 2


The air we breathe contains the gases oxygen and
nitrogen, and small quantities of other gases. Every gas
consists of molecules of a particular substance, moving
rafidly about. The molecules are comparatively far
apart, but they fill evenly any vessel containing them.
All gases can be changed to liquids, and some even to
solids, if they are cooled down enough.

The oxygen used in factories for making a very
hot flame to cut and weld steel is sometimes stored and
carried about in the liquid state and solid carbon
dioxide, usually called dry ice, is used for keeping ice-
cream cold.

The kinds of gases used in cookers and gas fires
come from three sources. The first kind is made3 of
naptha, which is a light oil; the second is made from
coal; while the third, natural gas, is almost entirely

Geologists believe that natural gas was produced
iron carboniferous, or coal-bearing rocks. The gas rose
into the rock holes in the sandstone, and was prevented
from escaping upwards out of the sandstone by a "cap"
rock-usually a from of rock salt-which formed a dome
over the natural reservoir of gas.

In Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia it is
common practice to use gas for cooking. Gas reaches
the houses through large underground pipes called gas
mains; and smaller pipes called service pipes lead to
the gas meters in each hose or building. The meter
records how much gas is used.

Natural and gas and gas from oil has no
distinctive smell, so an artificial smell is produced by
adding small quantities of concentrated a do rants, to
enable people to detect any leak that may occur.

Pertamina sells bottled gas under the name of

The gas is put in steel drums or cylinders. Bottled
gas is used by people who live places without a piped
supply, by yachtsmen and campers. Indonesia's role in
LNG production started in 1977 with the initiation of
the LNG facility at Bontang. About a year later the
plant at Arun also started production and exportation.


People, especially those who in big cities, commonly
use ... for cooking.

A. oil
B. gas
C. coal
D. naphta
E. oxygen


People who want to cook about usually use bottle gas.
This information is found in paragraph ...

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6


Which of the following statement is true according to
the text?

A. Carboniferous doesn't produce natural gas.
B. Air only contains oxygen and nitrogen.
C. All gases become liquids when they are cooled
down enough.
D. Dry ice can't be used for keeping ice cream cold.
E. It's not dangerous to use gas without distinctive


Paragraph... is about-the kinds of gas that people use
for doing something

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5


… to enable people to detect any leak (paragraph 5)
"Detect" means ...

A. turn off
B. look for
C. find out
D. look at
E. decide on

Wacana 3


In 1894, when Albert Einstein was 15, his father
lost money and could not support him any longer.
Other boys would have left school and stopped
studying. Not Albert. He left school for sometime, but
he later managed to go to a better school, the
Polytechnic in Zurich, Switzerland.

On leaving the Institute he discovered that no one
would offer him the kind of job he wanted. At last he
found a suitable one at the patent office in Berne.
Einstein's task at the paten office was to make an
investigation of the new products sent to his office. The
job did not require much of Einstein's new products
sent to his office. The job did not require much of
Einstein's time, so he was able to write scientific
articles. He published these in 1905. Scientists were
surprised by what he had written. They were even more
surprised when they knew that these articles, when
could have been written by a university professor, were
actually written by an official at a patent office.

Investigations were made and it was decided that
the official should be taken from the patent office and
given a more suitable job. A few years later, Einstein
became a professor at the University of Zurich. In 1911
he taught in Prague, and later at the Polytechnic
Institute in Switzerland, where he had been a student.
Then he was requested to move to Berlin.

Einstein stayed in Berlin for 20 years, from 1913
to 1933. During that period he worked on his famous
Theory of Relativity. He gave a simple example, in
simple language, to explain the idea of relativity. A
man riding on a train drops a stone out of the window.
To the man on the train, it seems that the stone follows
a straight path as it drops. However, to a man outside
the train, the part of the stone does not seem straight; it
looks like a parabola. The theory; expands those of
Newton an Galileo, which are correct; only under
certain conditions.

Einstein made very important contributions in the
field; of physics. The Nobel Prize that he won in 1912
at the a of 42 was no surprise to the scientific world.
No scientist beat him his field. What beat him was
time. He died in: Princeton in the U.S.A in 1955.
People believed that he was j the century's greatest man
of science.


Why did Albert Einstein leave school?

A. He found it difficult to find a job.
B. He went to a batter school in Zurich.
C. He was offered to work at a patent office.
D. Other boys left school and stopped studying.
E. His parent could not finance his education.


Which statement is correct according to the text?

A. Einstein wasn't at his office because he was being
B. Einstein wasn't a professor when he published the
surprising articles in 1905.
C. After leaving school for some time Einstein
worked at the patent office.
D. The scientist were surprised that the articles they/I
read was written by a university professor.
E. Because his job at the patent office didn't require
much of his time, he wrote the Theory of


Albert Einstein was able to write scientific articles;;
that surprised scientist. You can get this information-'
from paragraph ...

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5


They were even more surprise.... (paragraph 2)

The word "they" refers to ...

A. articles
B. products
C. scientist
D. the new products
E. Scientific articles


..., his father lost money.... (paragraph 1)

The word "lost" in the sentence above means ...

A. no longer had
B. couldn't get
C. used unwisely
D. had just enough
E. failed to obtain

Wacana 4


A volcano is a mountain surrounding an opening
in the earth's crust. Steam, gases, lava, ashes, and other
material are forced out almost continuously from an
active volcano. A dormant volcano, on the other hand,
erupts at long intervals. In an extinct volcano, the crater
has long been closed up with cold, solid lava.

Out earth was a sphere of gases which slowly
cooled off from the outside, forming a thin crust of
clod, solid materials, containing hot liquid, magma,
and gases. It was the very high pressure of the gases
forcing the magma through weak parts in the earth's
crust that formed volcanoes.

Most of our volcanoes are in Java. The most
active one is Mount Merapi at the north of Yogya. The
northern I-part of the crater has a high wall, so in
eruptions the lava r flows in every direction. The hot
lava slowly cools off into what is called 'lahar'.

In the rainy season, when the cool "lahar" on
Merapi's slopes is hit by rain it flows down the slopes
with great force, destroying everything in its path. The
flow of "lahar" mixed with rocks fills up the rivers,
while sand covers the fields.

The eruptions of sea volcanoes cause high waves,
flooding regions on the coasts. This happened when
Krakatau erupted in 1833. The sound of the eruption
was heard from places as far away as India and
Australia, distance of 3,600 to 4,800 km from
Krakatau. Around 18 cubic km of solid materials were
thrown up. The skies above place as far away as the
southern Pacific. Africa and South America were
darkened. 30 meter high waves flooded the coast of
Java and Lampung, sweeping away villages and 35,000

However, volcanoes are also a great blessing.
Volcanoes and mountains force the clouds to rise, and
cool them off, causing them a drop the water they
contain in the from of rain. The materials thrown up by
volcanoes contain minerals needed by plants.

The higher regions, being cool, are good for
coffee, tea and other plantations. The woods on the
slopes protect the soil against erosion, while the soil
acts as a water reservoir giving water to the rivers.


Volcanoes are formed from ...

A. moving lahar
B. solid materials
C. earth's crust
D. hot melted rock
E. materials thrown up


Why is the northern side of mount Merapi relatively
safe when there is an eruption?

A. The hot lava slowly cools off.
B. Mount Merapi lies at the north of Yogya,
C. In an eruption the lava flows in one direction.
D. Mount Merapi lies outside the three rows of
E. E There is a high wall at the northern side of the


There are three kinds of volcanoes according to the

This information is found in paragraph ...

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5


Which of the following statements is true according to
the text?

A. Volcanoes are formed by solid materials.
B. A volcanoes doesn't have any connection with
C. Volcanoes have several advantages and disad-
D. The northern side of Mount Merapi is covered with
lahar in eruptions.
E. The cool lahar on Merapi's slope always remain
solid in the rainy season.


In an Extinct volcano, the crater has log been closed up
with cold, sold lava. (Paragraph 1) The underlined
word means ...

A. no longer active
B. erupting continually
C. destroying everything
D. causing many disasters
E. forcing out many materials

Wacana 5


There is reason for the deepest concern about the
plight of Wildlife in our country. Many rare species are
threatened with extinction because of the greed of
hunters game collections. Orangutan are rarely found
in their natural habitat in the forest of Kalimantan and
Sumatra, but one may find them in zoo and private
menageries all over the world. Ruthless hunters kill
innocent elephants for their valuable ivory tusks, or
catch them alive to perform in circuses. Tiger's hides
decorate walls and floors of rich people's home in
distant countries.

If things are allowed to continue in this way, it is
feared that very soon all wildlife will disappear from
our forests. Fortunately, the government has now
imposed strict law on hunting. Some areas are
designated wildlife reserves where hunters cannot
enter. These include Ujungkulon and Pangandaran in
West Java, Merubetiri in East Java, and many more in
the other islands.

Some time ago our newspapers contained reports
of elephants which had run amok in the province of
Lampung. They had emerged from their abode in the
forest and destroyed crops and houses belonging to the
villagers. The people could not understand why the
beasts had suddenly gone wild. The strange thing was
that the animals had not come for food, because having
wrought destruction they returned to the forest. They
seemed to have come only to vent their anger. As
elephants are protected by law, the people could not
kill any of them.

The explanation for the elephants strange
behaviour is that they felt their quiet life had been
disturbed by the timber-felling projects and saw-mills
set up deep in the forest.

The animals felt their domain was being narrowed
by man, and so they got angry. Elephants need peace
and quiet for their family life. They also need vast
areas of land in which to roam. They live in herds, and
each herd likes to have its own territory.

Now the government has driven the elephants
back into the forests, away from any village or lumber-
mill. By shouting and shooting in the air the people
drove the great beasts to a new abode in the district of
Air Sugihan. It is hoped that they will feel at home
there and can live in peace and quiet.


The elephants were angry because their area was being
... by man.

A. burned
B. narrowed
C. disturbed
D. threatened
E. interrupted


The ... paragraph says that all wildlife will be extinct if
our government does not impose strict laws on hunting.

A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth
E. fifth


Which the following statements is true according to the

A. Our government lets people fell timber in the
B. elephants emerged from their place because they
need food.
C. Orangutan are not found in the forests of
Kalimantan and Sumatra.
D. The people can kill elephants although they are
protected by law.
E. Elephants need to live in herds and each herd likes
to have its own territory.


..., but one may find them zoos and private menageries
all over the world, (par. 1}

The underlined word refers to ...

A. tigers
B. species
C. circuses
D. elephants
E. orangutan


They also need vast areas of land in which to roam,
(paragraph 4). The underlined word means ...

A. wide
B. large
C. small
D. narrow
E. immense


The part that is pointed by the arrow
in the picture is called the ...

A. temple
B. eyelid
C. eyelash
D. eyebrow
E. forehead


An astronaut must be accustomed to walking on the
moon, because the ... gravity is only one sixth to that of
the earth.

A. sun
B. lunar
C. solar
D. space
E. atmospheric


Bacteria are very small organism that can be seen only
through a ...

A. camera
B. binocular
C. telescope
D. microscope
E. contact lens


Famine, harsh climates, and wars have been man's
constant enemies. The word 'famine; means an serious
lack of ...

A. food
B. clothes
C. medicine
D. education
E. nutrition


One of the aims of ASEAN is to promote ... peace and
stability in Southeast Asia.

A. global
B. regional
C. external
D. national
E. international


The following words are connected with ecology,
except ...

A. tools
B. forest
C. people
D. animals
E. environment


The sunlight is really an inexhaustible source of
energy. The word 'inexhaustible' means ...

A. that is easy to go
B. that is hard to obtain
C. that is able to get lost
D. that is difficult to exploit
E. that cannot be used up completely


Which of the following words does not belong to
electrical appliances'?

A. hairdryer
B. warning pan
C. refrigerator
D. television set
E. vacuum cleaner


The announcer at the airport asked the passengers for
Singapore to board the aircraft. The underlined word
means ...

A. get in
B. get on
C. get to
D. get at
E. get up


The recent development in medicine has brought a
decrease in ... rate.

A. density
B. poverty
C. rapidity
D. fertility
E. mortality


The sentences:

Susi began to study English in 1986. She is still
studying English now.

Could be expressed:

Susi ... English since 1986?

A. studies
B. is studying
C. has been studying
D. will be studying
E. will have studied


Ari : Budi, have you heard that Ruslan is sick?

Budi : Yes, I have. He … for a week.

A. is hospitalized
B. was hospitalized
C. will be hospitalized
D. has been hospitalized
E. had been hospitalized


A : Mr. Witular is very friendly, isn't he?

B : Yes, I have. He ... for a week.

A. Since
B. Unless
C. Because
D. Although
E. In spite of


If Rani were not busy at the moment, she would go out
with me, said Maria. From Maria's utterance we know
that Rani ... with her.

A. goes
B. went
C. would go
D. didn't go
E. doesn't go


The child ate up all the meal we had served. He... very

A. will have been
B. could have been
C. must have been
D. would have been
E. should have been


Bob : I won't come to the meeting tomorrow. What
about you?

Janet : Well, I'm afraid ...

A. so will I
B. I will too
C. neither do I
D. I won't either
E. I don't either


'I wish my sister had mailed my letter yesterday', said

From John's utterance we know that his sister ... it.

A. has mailed
B. had mailed
C. would mail
D. didn't mail
E. hadn't mailed


Anggi : Do you prefer playing hockey or playing

Janet : Well, I'm afraid ...

A. play
B. washes
C. to play
D. an playing
E. to be playing


John : Your car always looks shiny. Do you wash it

Paul : No, I don't. I always get it ...

A. wash
B. washes
C. washed
D. washing
E. to wash


Mother : ta, have you had your breakfast.

Ita : Not yet, mum.

Father : What did your mother ask you, Ita?

Ita : Oh, she wanted to know whether ...

A. I had my breakfast
B. I had had my breakfast
C. You had your breakfast
D. I have had my breakfast
E. You had had you breakfast


A : Can you play tennis?

B : Certainly.

The underlined expression is used ...

A. to ask about likes
B. to ask for permission
C. to ask for information
D. to ask someone's ability
E. to ask about possibility


Andy : Excuse me. May I go home earlier? I have an
important business to do.

Mira : …

Whish one of these expressions can be used to
complete the dialogue?

A. Thank you.
B. Oh, wonderful.
C. By all means
D. I'll do it for you.
E. I'm glad to hear that.


Suppose you have some guests at home. As it is very
hot, you ask them whether they want you to switch on
the fan. What would you say?

A. May I switch on the fan?
B. Switch on the fan, please?
C. Shall I switch on the fan?
D. It's very hot in here, isn't it?
E. Why don't you switch on the fan?


It is Friday afternoon. Budi and Santo are getting ready
to leave the office.

Budi tells Santo what he is going to do at the weekend.

What does Budi say to Santo?

Budi can say to Santo each of the following expression
except ...

A. I'm not sure where to go.
B. I plan to go to Taman Safari.
C. I'm thinking of visiting my uncle.
D. I'm going to Puncak with my family.
E. I intend to invite my former classmates to have


Susan : Do you think the manager will come soon?

Clerk : ... He is always punctual.

A. I doubt it.
B. Certainly not.
C. I'm absolutely sure
D. It depends, you know.
E. I don't think he will.


Soal English SMA 1992

Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional

Tahun 1992

Bahasa Inggris



People have always traded. Why have they traded?
They have traded because they have wanted a better
life. At first people exchanged their things for other
things. Now people buy and sell things-they trade for

Many foreigners have come to Indonesia for trade. The
first traders come for spices. That was very long time
ago. Now the traders come here for many other things.

History has shown us that a country has to trade if its
people want a better life. Indonesia is trying hard to im-
prove its trade. It sells many things to other countries
but the most important things are oil, rubber, tin and

What has trade with other countries brought us? If its
brought the things that we do not make. The cars that
we drive, the trains that we ride in, and the watches that
we wear are example of these things. It is not hard to
understand that have made life better.

But we can trade only if we have more things that we
need. So we have to make or produce more things to


How did people trade many years ago ?

A. They brought and sold things.
B. They borrowed things from other.
C. They lent their things to others.
D. They exchanged things for other things.
E. They went to the market to get their things.


Why did the first traders from other countries come to
Indonesia ?

They came for ...

A. Things.
B. Money.
C. Spices.
D. Rubber.
E. Oil.


Indonesia has been trying hard to ... its products so that
other countries will buy them.

A. Send.
B. Improve.
C. Bring.
D. Exchange.
E. Make.


Which paragraph tell us about trade that has brought
the things we don't make ? It is told in the ... paragraph.

A. First.
B. Second.
C. Third.
D. Fourth.
E. Fifth.


The word "it" (paragraph 3), refer to ...

A. Indonesia.
B. History.
C. Country.
D. Trade.
E. Life.


Many foreigners come to Indonesia for trade

The underline word means ...

A. Product.
B. Economy.
C. Commerce.
D. Exchange.
E. Marketing.



The history of London cannot be separated from
the river Thames. If you look at the map you will see
that it is the gateway to London from the European
continent. In the first century, when the Romans
occupied England, there was a small village on Lud
Hill along the Thames, where the river was at its lowest
point. It was about ten miles from the sea. The Romans
discovered that they could load and unload their
merchant ships here. So, they build a city on Lud Hill.

More and more ships could now for either loading
or unloading, bringing more and more business to the
city. They called the city Londinium (meaning: city)
from which the name London was probably derived. In
order to connect both sides of the river, called the
Thames, the Romans built the London bridge here.

A great fire in 1665 brought a big change to
London. The great will surrounding the city was
destroyed and today we can only see its ruins. Another
change was brought by the Second World War. From
August 1940 to May 1941, German bombers attacked
the city almost every night, destroying thousands of
buildings arid houses, and killing thousands of people.
For the second time, the greater part of London was in


Where did the Romans load and unload their merchant
ships ?

A. On Lud Hill.
B. In the river Thames.
C. In the European Continent.
D. In the city of London.
E. In the gateway to London.


What brought a big change to London ?

A. Second World War.
B. A great fire.
C. German bombers.
D. The death of many people.
E. The ruins of the houses.


In the first Century when the Romans occupied
England, there was a small village on Lud Hill along
the Themes.

The underline word is similar in meaning to ...

A. Stated.
B. Destroyed.
C. Colonized.
D. Separated attacked.
E. Attacked


Which of the following statement is true according to
the text ?

A. The London bridge has disappeared now.
B. We can't see ruins of the great fire now.
C. The Romans called the city built on the Lud Hill
D. The city of London was in fact built by the
E. Ruins of the city of London will become boring to


// was about ten. miles from the sea. (paragraph 1)

What does the word it refer to ? ...

A. England.
B. Lud Hill.
C. Thames.
D. London.
E. A small village.


They called the city Londonium from which the name
London was probably derived.

The underline word means ...

A. Came from.
B. Accepted.
C. Received.
D. Given.
E. Got.



Like many others that we do well, safe driving
begins with simple matter. It begins as soon as you sit
behind the steering wheel. The first things that you
should do is to get the proper seating position and the
proffer distance between yourself and the steering
wheel. You should sit down in such a way that your
shoulders rest easily again the seat. Your back should
also be against the seat, not hunched forward. Move the
set until your arms are straight in front of you when
holding the-steering wheel.

Of course, you are not going to drive with your
hands in the top position, but that is how you measure
the proper distance. Make sure, however, that at that
distance you can reach the foot pedals easily.
Otherwise make the necessary adjustments to your
seating position, for example by moving the seat
forward bit. If it is your own car, it wil1 be better and
safer to have blocks installed on the pedals. At any
rate, you should be able to sit comfortably bin the
proper distance.


When does safe driving begins ?

A. As soon as your sit behind the steering wheel.
B. When you get the prefer seating position.
C. When you know the simple matters.
D. As soon as you start the engine.
E. When you check everything.


What should you do so that you can hold the steering
wheel firmly ?.

A. Move the body backward.
B. Handle the steering wheel.
C. Move the sit forward a bit.
D. Have blocks installed on the pedals.
E. Measure the proper seating distance.


Which of the following statement is not true according
to the text ?

A. You should sit down firmly.
B. Your back should be against the seat.
C. You should be able to sit uncomfortably.
D. Your foot must not be too far from the pedals.
E. Necessary adjustments are advisable.


If in your own car, it will be better to have blocks
installed on the pedals, the underline word refer to ...

A. Positive.
B. Distance.
C. Foot.
D. Seat.
E. Car.


Any necessary ... should be taken to make sure whether
you can reach the foot pedals easily.

A. Improvement.
B. Adjustments.
C. Installment.
D. Attendants.
E. Equipment.


It will be better and safer to have blocks installed on
the pedals in order to get the best driving position, the
underline word means ...

A. Fixed.
B. Pulled.
C. Pressed.
D. Tied.
E. Push.



Noise can be defined as sound that we do not
want. This definition is a subjective one, however,
because what is unwanted sound to some people may
be desirable sound to other. Noise is subjective.

That noise is subjective may mean that people
receive it at different levels. This two people will not
agree that the loud music from a neighbor's house, for
example, is noise! To one of them, however, it is
tolerable, noise while to the others it is annoying noise.
This difference in the levels of reception between two
people may be due to the fact the former is a patience
person, while the letter is not. It my also be due to the
fact that the former is used to having loud music, while
the letter is not.

To borrow a term from psychology, the person
who can tolerate the loud music is said to have been
conditioned, while the person who is annoyed by it is
said not to have been conditioned by the noise.

In addition to the tolerance and annoyance levels,
there is yet another level of noise reception. This is
what might be called the damage level, where the noise
is such that it damage the eardrum. The damage may be
temporary, and in this case the person concerned may
be only temporarily deafened. It may be also be that the
damage is permanent. When this occurs the person
become permanently deaf.

Very often however, deafness does not occur right
way but comes gradually as result of a long period of
exposure to the same source of loud noise. The person
concerned may tolerate that noise because he was been
conditioned by it, but damage is done. The damaging
noise will accelerate his gradual loss of hearing due to
growing age.


What is means by noise ?

A. The desirable sound.
B. The unwanted sound.
C. The pleasant sound.
D. The explosive sound.
E. The booming voice.


Why is the definition of sound subjective ? because ...

A. The reception of sound is not the same for
B. The sound which is received by some people is the
C. For some people sound can cause the damage of
D. The reception of sound can make someone enjoy.
E. The sound is difficult to be classified.


Which of the statements is true according to the text?

A. The damaging noise will damage the ear.
B. The tolerable noise will cause the temporary deaf.
C. The soothing and loud music can cause the person
of be deaf.
D. The tolerable noise will accelerate the hard of
E. The damaging noise will accelerate the person's
loss hearing;


"The level of noise reception have the subjective
value". This is the idea of …

A. Paragraph 1.
B. Paragraph 2.
C. Paragraph 3.
D. Paragraph 4.
E. Paragraph 5.


The person concerned may tolerate that noise because
he has been conditioned by it. The underline word refer
to ...

A. Damage.
B. Deafness.
C. Exposure.
D. Loud noise.
E. The result of permanent deaf.


The damaging noise will accelerate the gradual loss of
hearing due to growing age.

"accelerate" here means ...

A. Happen later.
B. Move earlier.
C. Become faster.
D. Become earlier.
E. Speed move.



In realization of the mission in the preamble of
our Constitution which urges us to raise the
intelligence of nation, the government announced the
beginning of a compulsory education programme in
Indonesia in a ceremony celebrating the Nation
Education Day, on 2nd May 1984. the programme was
begun almost at the same time as the beginning of the
Fourth Five Year Development Plan (1984-1989).

The programme requires that children from seven
to twelve years age complete at least six years of
primary education. With this compulsory education
programme, children of seven to twelve years of age
will have an equal opportunity to enjoy primary
education throughout the country.

On the occasion of celebration of International
Children's Day, on 23rd July 1984, the government
launched another scheme calling for well-to-do
economically able person to become foster parent. The
duty of a foster parent is to finance the children's
education as well as to provide all basic requirements
that the fostered children may need in their schooling
such as nutritious food, school uniform and textbook.
The help be given on the basic of the spirit of

Once a foster parent agrees to finance a child's the
foster parent should be prepared to do it at least for one
years, although the ideal target is six years; that is, until
the child finish his primary education. The foster parent
may be an individual or a corporate body, like a
foundation, social organization, business enterprise, or
private social institution.

The response to this scheme has been very good.
Thousands of people have pledged to help finance the
poor children or orphans. It is hoped that in the near
future, through the compulsory education and foster
parent programme, the intelligence of the nation will be


What's the duty of a foster parent ?

A. To call well-to-do persons.
B. To lunch another scheme.
C. To provide all the children's need.
D. To up left the children's spirit of humanity.
E. To support the fostered children financially.


What is the minimum time span for foster parent to
finance a child ?

A. At least one years.
B. Less than six years.
C. Before his finish his study.
D. Until he graduate from primary education.
E. After he prepared for higher education.


What are some children's basic requirements which a
foster parent may finance ?

A. All the children's needs in their schooling.
B. Nutritions food and school fee.
C. Private teacher and tent books.
D. Food and accommodation.
E. A school uniform only.


The government got good response from its people.

A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.
D. Four.
E. Five.


What does the word 'it' refer to ?

See sentence"... the foster parents should be prepared
to do it at least for one year."

The word 'it' refers to ...

A. providing a child's daily need
B. financing a child's education
C. motivating a child to study
D. preparing food for a child,
E. providing school uniform


A foster parent is usually a well-to-do man.

"well-to-do" means ...

A. Friendly
B. Stingy.
C. Wealthy.
D. Lucky.
E. Thrifty.


A person who flies spacecraft is called ...

A. A pilot.
B. A driver.
C. A steward.
D. A technician.
E. An astronaut.


There are four season in Europe.

If people can surf at the beach, the season is ...

A. Spring.
B. Summer.
C. Autumn.
D. Winter.
E. Rainy.


One of the police duties is to arrest ...

A. Pedestrians.
B. Lawbreakers.
C. Lawyers.
D. Traders.
E. Drivers.


The diplomats, staff and their families can enjoy their
freedom from being arrested by the foreign country's '
security organ. Because of their diplomatic ...

A. Immunity.
B. Relation.
C. Affair.
D. Mission.
E. Rank.


A manager is put in charge of the business.

The underline words mean ..."

A. To obtain.
B. To develop.
C. To cooperate.
D. To take part.
E. To be responsible.


Look at the table below!
Name Age Height in centimetres I.Q

Partha 19 165 90

Dharma 19 162 80

Budi 18 165 70

Rama 17 160 90

From this table we know that ....

A. Partha is taller than Budi.
B. Budi is older than Dharma.
C. Partha is" as old as Dharma.
D. Dharma is as intelligent as Rama.
E. Rama is more intelligent than Partha


He had dinner then he went to the cinema.

We can also say ...

A. He went to the cinema after he had dinner.
B. He went to the cinema after he had dinner.
C. He had dinner after he went !o the cinema.
D. He had dinner before he had gone to the cinema.
E. He went to the cinema before he had had dinner


X : Where does he come from ?

Y : No body knows ...

A. Where does he came from.
B. Where did he come from.
C. From where does he come.
D. Where did he come from.
E. Where he come from.


Dian is a clever student.

She wants to be a mathematics teacher.

These two sentences can be combined into:

Dian, ... is a clever student, want to be a math teacher.

A. Who.
B. Whose.
C. That.
D. Which.
E. Whom.


Look at this street, it is very muddy, it ... have rained
heavily last night

A. Will.
B. Would.
C. Could.
D. Must.
E. Might.


When I entered the room, every body stared at me.
Perhaps they thought I was a stranger.

We can say : …

A. Everybody stares at me as if I were a stranger.
B. Everybody stares at me as if I was a stranger.
C. Everybody stares at me as if I had been a stranger.
D. I entered the room as if I were a stranger.
E. I entered the room as if I had been a stranger..


A lieutenant: "Did you find his house?"

A sergeant :" Yes, I did. But I have got a bit trouble"

"I found ... to go there."

A. It hard.
B. It is hard.
C. Its hard.
D. It's hard.
E. Hard.


John prefers listening to the radio reading newspapers.

This sentence means that ...

A. John always read newspapers.
B. John seldom listens to the radio.
C. John likes listening to the radio very much.
D. John likes reading newspapers very much.
E. Listening to the radio and reading newspapers are
John's hobbies.


The police ... investigating the crime,

A. Is.
B. Are.
C. To be.
D. Was.
E. Have.


Effendi's car is out of order.

He asked the driver to repair it.

You can say ...

A. Effendi had repaired hi scar.
B. His driver asked to repair the car.
C. His driver asked Effendi to repair the car.
D. Effendi himself repaired his car.
E. Effendi had his car repaired.


Jack : You know I have passed my final exams.

Bob : Oh ...!

A. Pretty well.
B. Good luck.
C. Good heavens.
D. Thank you.
E. Congratulation.


X : I wonder if you could go with me to the Cinema.

Y : I'm sorry, I can't because I have an Appointment
with a friend of mine.

The underline words express ...

A. Disagreement.
B. Uncertainty.
C. Ignorance.
D. Surprise.
E. Regret.


Jane : You see that some companies would soon install
computers to save the energy of the secretaries.

Ann : ... they will be happy about it. '

A. Oh dear.
B. I'm sure.
C. What a pity.
D. What a mess.
E. I should say.


X : Where is Vivin? I haven't see her for about a

Y : Vivin is in hospital. She is very sick. I'm worried
about her.

The underline words express ...

A. Assurance.
B. Sympathy.
C. Anxiety.
D. Apology.
E. Hope.


Jack : ... for spilling milk on your table cloth.

Smith : That's all right. Accidents happen.

A. I'm afraid.
B. I apologize.
C. Excuse me.
D. It's my fault.
E. I beg your pardon.


Soal English SMA 1991

Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional

Tahun 1991

Bahasa Inggris

Wacana l

Lake Toba, which is situated in the center of the
Bukit Barisan mountain range, is an interesting
mountain resort with Samosir island in the center of the
lake. It boasts many modern hotels and facilities for
water sport such as boating, water-skiing and

In the West Sumatera, the center of culture and
tourism is Bukittinggi, situated in the highlands north
of the provincial capital of Padang. West Sumatera is a
land of scenic beauty with green lakes and Blue

Java has a great number of attractions, including
the world-renowned Botanic Gardens in Bogor, the
wildlife reserve of Ujung Kulon on the south west part
of the island. Borobudur, a gigantic Buddhist shrine is
situated 42 kilometres northwest of Yogyakarta and the
Ijen crater lies in East Java and displays hot springs,
waterfalls and free-roaming deer as well as the sulphur
crater itself. A three-hour drive from Surabaya, and hen
a pony ride from the village of Ngadisari over the sea
of sand, will take you to Mount Bromo, it is an active
volcano with sulphur fumes and smoke still emitting
from its depths. The inhabitants of the surrounding
areas believe in the God of Bromo and bring offerings
to the deity.


What natural beauty does Sumatera have?

A. Highlands
B. Mountain resorts
C. Farming areas
D. Facilities for water-sports
E. Lakes and mountains


What is usually found in tourism spots?

There are a lot of ...

A. Places of interest
B. Wildlife reserve
C. Modern hotels
D. Green lakes
E. Water-sports


We saw some wild animals ... In the wildlife reserve of
Ujung Kulon.

A. Playing
B. Running
C. Roaming
D. Jumping
E. Climbing


The main idea of the second paragraph is …

A. Bukittinggi is the center of culture and tourism
B. Padang is the provincial capital of West Sumatera
C. Bukittinggi is in the highlands, north of Padang
D. West Sumatera is a land of scenic beauty
E. Bukittinggi is situated in the highlands


The word "it" in paragraph 1 refers to ...

A. Resort
B. Lake Toba
C. Bukit Barisan
D. Samosir Island
E. Mountain range


It is an active volcano with sulphur fumes and smoke
still emitting from its depth.(par 1). What is the
meaning of "emitting"?

A. Flowing out
B. Surrounding
C. Coming in
D. Driving
E. Taking

Wacana 2

Probably the best known volcano in Indonesia, or
in the whole world for that matter, is Mount Krakatau.
It erupted violently in 1883. What caused it to erupt?
Or, more generally, what causes volcanoes to erupt? In
order to know the answer, it is necessary for us to
know what a volcano is. In Indonesian we call it
"gunung berapi", or "gunung api" for short, the
question is, where do the heat and fire come from?
According to geologists, deep beneath the ground there
are chambers, which contain molten rock. Because of
high pressure, the molten rock is forced up the passage
that connects the chamber and the opening in the crust
of the earth. This molten rock flows out of the opening
as lava (magma), and along with it is emitted ashes and
gases. A volcano, then, is a mountain with an opening
at the top, from which flows lava, hot ashes and gases
Eventually the lava cools off and becomes solid rock.
Sometimes the solid rock blocks the opening and
eruption stop. However, if high pressure builds up in
the chamber, the blockage may reopen and the volcano
erupts once more.

Very often a volcanic explosion, like the 1883's
explosion of Mount Krakatau, causes a great deal of
human suffering. That is why people often associate
volcanoes with disasters. That is not wholly correct, of
course, since there are also some good things. Firstly,
volcanoes, like mountain in generals, cause clouds the
rise and then cool off to form rain. Secondly, the

materials thrown up by volcanoes contain minerals
needed by plants, after many years the volcanic
materials make the soil fertile.


Where do the heat and the fire come from?

They come from ...

A. The slope of the mountain
B. Deep beneath the ground
C. The top of the mountain
D. The crust of the earth
E. The passage of lava


One of the advantages we get from the volcano
eruption is:

A. Causing disasters
B. Forming new islands
C. Causing human suffering
D. Making the land fertile
E. Throwing up useless materials


What make the molten rock rise up and flow out the
crater of the volcano?

A. Heat
B. Eruption
C. High pressure
D. Opening on the top
E. Blocked opening


Which statement is correct according to paragraph 1 ?

A. Mount Krakatau is the most famous volcano in
B. The chambers beneath the earth contain crust
C. Mount Krakatau is not known all over the world
D. Heat and fire come from the top of the volcano
E. Geologists is an expert in geometry


And a long with ft is emitted ashes and gases,
(paragraph 1).

The word "it" refers to ...

A. Fire
B. Gases
C. Ashes
D. Solid rock
E. Molten rock


People often conclude that volcanoes only cause

The underlined word means …

A. Earthquake
B. Misfortune
C. Damage
D. Hazard
E. Danger

Wacana 3

A central bank also provides loans to its
customers. But the customers are not individuals as in
the case of commercial bank. The customers of central
banks are governments, other commercial banks and
financial institutions, A country will have one central
bank. In England it is the Bank of England. In our
country it is the Bank of Indonesia. The central bank
often has a duty of formulating and implementing the
country's monetary and credit policies, usually in co-
operation with the government.

For us individuals, the commercial bank is more
important because it directly provides us with services.
We can enjoy the services by establishing an account at
the bank. There are two kind of account. One is the
savings account and the other is the current account.
One advantage of having a current account is that we
can pay using cheques. This means that we don't have
to carry large amounts of money with us, and risk
losing it.

Most banks, commercial banks, have two kinds of
current accounts. One is the minimum balance account
and the other is the special account. The former kind
requires the customer to maintain in his account a
certain amount as a minimum balance. But the bank
will charge the customer a fee for each cheque he or
she writes.


What makes a central bank and a commercial bank

A. It's services
B. It's interests
C. It's customers
D. It's securities
E. It's accounts


What account do you need if you want to do some
shopping in a Supermarket without carrying a large
amount of money?

A. Credit
B. Loans
C. Deposits
D. Current account
E. Saving account


It seems impossible for us, individuals, to borrow
money from ...

A. Commercial bank
B. Central bank
C. Private bank
D. Foreign bank
E. Financial institution


"The Former" in the-last paragraph refers the ...

A. Commercial bank
B. Special account
C. Minimum balance account
D. Saving account of a bank
E. Current account of a bank


The first paragraph tell us about..

A. The difference between a commercial bank and a
central bank
B. Where you can pay your telephone and electricity
C. The services that a central bank can give
D. You can deposit your money safety at a bank
E. Where customers can buy travel tickets


We can enjoy the services by establishing an account at
the bank. The underlined work means ...

A. Opening
B. Saving
C. Paying
D. Giving
E. Requiring

Wacana 4

Water is an essential component of all living
matter. The body itself consists of more than 70%
water. Water is necessary for weathering processes that
convert rock to soil and for the transport of soil
nutrients to plant. In the form of vapour, it provides
protection for us against the harmful radiations from
outer space and the chilling temperatures at night.
Water is so much a part of our daily lives that we take
all this for granted, we drink it, wash with it, use it to
dispose of our waste products and for countless other
domestic purposes.

The widest use of water in some countries is for
irrigation. The farmers grow rice extensively to satisfy
the need for this staple food. With the programmer's
priority being to increase rice production, the heavy use
of water for agriculture will continue in the future.

Water is also used to produce electric power.
Many hydroelectric power plants provide electricity for
cities, towns and villages.

Industry depends on water. The manufacture of
foodstuffs, textiles, man-made dams now attract more
and more people for fishing, boating and other

Water sources can be classified as either surface
water or ground water. Surface water originates from
two main sources rivers and rainfall, which act as the
sources of water in urban areas. Rainwater failing on
land areas partly infiltrates the earth's surface and is
partly intercepted by plants, while some evaporates.
Water collected in lakes, swamps, streams and rivers
can be used to provide an urban water supply.


Why is water essential for us? Because …

A. Water protect us from harmful radiations
B. We need water for washing our clothes
C. Water is badly needed in our life
D. We use water for transportation
E. Our body consists 70% of water


Where is urban water supply collect from?

A. Lake
B. Swamp
C. Stream
D. Spring
E. Rainfall


According to the text, what are the four uses of water
in our daily life?

A. Irrigation, agriculture, company, industry
B. Drinking, washing, cleaning, roasting
C. Agriculture, industry, factory, company
D. Boating, fishing, swimming, diving
E. Recreation, irrigation, electricity, industry


Which statement is correct based on the text?

A. The use of water decreases from time to time
B. Sea water is more preferable for recreation
C. Irrigation does not support a good harvest
D. Water is really a basic need to human life
E. All the rain water failing on land will evaporate


"and is partly intercepted by plants, while some
evaporates", (line 22)

'Some' in this sentence means rain water ...

A. Infiltrates the earth's surface
B. Failing on land areas
C. Failing on the rivers
D. Intercepted by plants
E. Collected in lakes


The farmers grow rice extensively to satisfy the need
for this staple food. The underlined word means ...

Wacana 5

Indonesia, having the world's fifth largest
populations and endowed with extensive and varied
natural resources, has the potential to become a great
and prosperous power, But for the time being she is
facing four main problems; how to cope with her
population's growth, how to produce enough food, how
to provide people with jobs and how to organize
enough exports so that the country can pay her way in
the world. Indonesia's most valuable resource is her
people. But for Indonesia, as with other developing
countries, the possession of this particular kind of
resource can prove to be a serve impediment to
economic development.

The Government is endeavoring to cope with the
population problem in two ways: on the one hand by
encouraging people to move, either spontaneously or
under the official transmigration programme from
densely-populated Java, Madura and Bali to the wider
open spaces of the outer islands of Sumatera,
Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya, and on other
hand by fostering family planning. Transmigration is
more than a response to population growth; it also
carries profound implications for balanced national
development and for national security.

In its response to the population growth however,
Indonesia must continue to rely upon family planning
objectives, the establishment of happy and prosperous
small families and the reduction of the population
growth to 1% by 1990. The country's family planning
can indeed offer valuable lessons for other parts of the
world-in terms not only of results achieved but also of
the democratic way in which they have been achieved.
Indonesia's family planning programme has become
one of the most remarkable of all attempts to institute
birth control on a mass scale.


There are only ... Countries in the world that have more
population than Indonesia.

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. Five


What can help Indonesia to make a great and
prosperous nation?

A. The availability of many jobs
B. The rapid economic development
C. The production of enough food
D. The export which is bigger than import
E. Many kinds of natural resources and its people


The government attempts to overcome the problem of
population growth by ...

A. Encouraging people to move to urban areas
B. Organizing enough exports
C. Carrying out family planning programme
D. Forcing people to have more children
E. Providing people with jobs


The success of family planning program in Indonesia
seems to be valuable lesson for other countries. The
idea is found in paragraph ...

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. One and two
E. Two and three


In its response to the population's growth, however,
Indonesia must continue to rely upon family planning
objectives. (Paragraph 3).

The word "its" refers to...

A. Indonesia
B. Family planning
C. C National security
D. Population growth
E. National development


The government is endeavoring to cope with the
population problem.

The underlined word means ...

A. Endowing
B. Enforcing
C. Endorsing
D. Attaining
E. Attempting


One of the things which has close relationship with
tourism is entertainment.

The underlined word means something which gives us

A. Hospitality
B. Uneasiness
C. Hostility
D. Pleasure
E. Fear


The steward explains how to use the ... in case the
plane has to land on water.

A. Flight equipment
B. Safety belt
C. Life vest
D. Intercom
E. Jacket


If you want to be an expert in designing house
constructions, you may continue your study in the
Faculty of ...

A. Agriculture
B. Technology
C. Psychology
D. Economy
E. Law


Mother : "Rosy, where are you?"

Rosy : "Here, in the room, I ... my homework:

A. will do
B. had done
C. am doing
D. was doing
E. have done


Eko : "Which is your mother, Lily?"

Lily : "There she is; the one ... is coming here."

A. who
B. whom
C. which
D. whose
E. where


Jannata : How long can you stay under water?

Nadia : I can stay there ... I can hold my breath

A. as
B. for
C. since
D. because
E. as long as


Azwar : "Rudy, I didn't see you at Ani's party last

Rudi : "Oh, Did Ani have a party?" I would have
come if I had been invited

The real fact is ... to the party.

A. Rudi didn't come
B. Ani didn't come
C. Azwar didn't invite
D. Rudi wouldn't invite
E. Ani wasn't invited


Name Toni Pipin Teddy Anis Manan ... has the highest
marks in English as well as History.

A. Tony
B. Pipin
C. Teddy
D. Anis
E. Maman


Teacher : "Anto! Have you paid your school fee this

Anto : "No, Sir".

Teacher : "What date is today?"

Anto : "It is 27th, sir"

Teacher : "Mm - m You ... have paid your school fee at
10lh this month"

A. must
B. could
C. would
D. might
E. should


Sue : "I didn't enjoy the movie last night"

Bob : "Neither did I"

From the dialogue we know that ...

A. Both Sue and Bob didn't enjoy the movie last night
B. Not only Sue but also Bob enjoyed the movie last
C. Bob enjoyed the movie last night but Sue didn't
D. Bob enjoyed the movie last night, and so did Sue
E. Either Sue and Bob enjoyed the movie last night


Azhar : "You look tired, Septa! Something wrong
with you?"

Septavi : "Yea. I fell unwell: I wish I hadn't worked so

The underlined sentence means Septa ... hard

A. works
B. worked
C. didn't work
D. doesn't work
E. hadn't worked


X : "Would you like to go to the beach?"

Y : "No, not particularly"

I'd rather.. to the mountain resort

A. had gone
B. would go
C. going
D. went
E. go


Adi : Your coat is very smart, Arman

Arman : Thank you, Really?

Adi : Sure! Did you make it yourself?

Arman : No, I ...

A. make it
B. made it
C. had made it
D. had it made
E. have it made'


Anto : Shall I post that letter, for you?

Donny : ... I can do it on the way home

A. Oh, you really know what I mean
B. Yes, that's a good idea
C. Oh, thanks so much
D. Oh, no, thank you
E. That's nice, An


Rima : I am hungry. Let's find something to eat at

Lusi : That's a. good idea

The underlined utterance expresses ...

A. ability
B. preference
C. agreement
D. possibility
E. disappointed


At a meeting of the Parent-Teacher's Association, Miss
Rani rushes in and accidentally pushes Mr. Barman.

Miss Rani : "... I'm in a hurry"

Mr. Barman : "That's quite all right"

A. Well, I must apologize
B. Attention please
C. I regret, please
D. Oh, I am so sorry
E. Mind your step


Rina and her brother, Budi, were talking in the
verandah when Tuti, Rina's friend, come. Rina
introduced her brother to Tuti.

Rina : "...."

Tuti : "How do you do?"

Budi : "How do you do? Pleased to meet you"

A. How are you?
B. I beg your pardon?
C. How are things, Tuti?
D. Tuti is my friend, Budi
E. Tuti, this is my brother Budi


Mr. Ben hard : "Excuse me, could you tell me the way
to the station?

Rizal : "Yes, it is not far from here, go straight
down here, and take the first turning to
your left"

The underlined utterance is about ...

A. expressing hope
B. B, refusing an offer
C. introducing people
D. asking for information
E. accepting invitation


Soal English SMA 1990

Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional

Tahun 1990

Bahasa Inggris

Wacana 1


One person has vegetables, but wants fruit.
Another man has a great deal of fruit, but want some
vegetables. So the first man gives some of his
vegetables to the second, and the second man gives
some of his fruit to the first. He has exchanged the
vegetables for the fruit. They are happy now. Trade has
made them happy.

People have always traded. Why have they
traded? They have traded because they have wanted a
better life. At first people exchanged their things for
other things. Now people buy and sell things - they
trade for money.

Many foreigners have come to Indonesia for
trade. The first traders came for spices. That was for
very long time ago. Now the traders come here for
many other things.

History has shown us that a country has to trade if
its people want a better life. Indonesia is trying hard to
improve its trade. It sells many things to other
countries but the most important things are oil, rubber,
tin and copra.

What has trade to other countries brought us? It
has brought the things that we do not make. The cars
that we drive, the train that we ride in, and the watches
that we wear are examples of this things. It is not hard
to understand that they have made life better.

But we can trade only if we have more things than
we need. So we have to make or produce more things
to sell. We have to produce more oil, more rubber,
more tin, and more of other things. We have to produce
better things, too, because we can get more money for
them. All this means hard work for us, hard work at
school, hard work at the office, hard work in the city,
hard work in the country, hard work everywhere. By
this way we can all enjoy the good things in life.


The first trader come to Indonesia for ...

A. tin
B. copra
C. spices
D. rubber
E. watches


Now, the people trade for ...

A. food
B. money
C. species
D. furniture
E. luxurious things


People traded many years ago by ...

A. getting things
B. buying things
C. selling thing
D. buying and selling thing
E. exchanging their thing for the other things


According to the text, the most important things that
Indonesian sells to other countries are ...

A. cars, trains, planes
B. gold, copper, silver
C. rattan, wood, sea weed
D. fish, sell, jelly fish
E. oil, rubber, tin and, copra


The main idea of the sixth paragraph is ...

A. how to study hard
B. how to enjoy our life
C. how to improve our trade
D. how to produce more things
E. how to work in our country

Wacana 2


Marijuana is dangerous drug. It is often called
"pot" and the habit of smoking pot may send people to
their graves, before their time. Pot smoking may
damage the brain and other organs in the body,
especially the reproduction organs. In July 1989, at an
international meeting held on the dangers of smoking
marijuana, researchers from 14 countries presented
proof about the dangerous effect of marijuana on the
lungs, the brain, and other organs of the body. They
discovered other effect too: sleeplessness, heavy
sweating, lack of appetite and nausea.

Marijuana is extracted from the cannabis plant.
The; cannabinoids are soluble in fat so they remain in
the body's fatty organs after the smoking party is over.
One organ that contains a large amount of fat is the
human brain. The female reproductive organs also have
high fat content. What harm does the marijuana build-
up to these organs?

Well, let us take an example, a handsome
teenagers whose name is Steve. Formerly he was good
student who; had always received good grades. But he
started to smoke pot. He had difficulties in
concentrating on his subject at; school and in the
remembering things. He also began to feel sick and to
get headache, especially if he did not; smoke pot
regularly. As a result, all his pocket money; went on
pot, and when this was gone he started to steal in order
to satisfy his needs.


What is the remain name of marijuana?

A. pot
B. drug
C. grave
D. Nausea
E. cannabinoids


what remain in the body's patty organs after smoking

A. pot
B. drug
C. grave
D. Nausea
E. Cannabinoids


What were the other effects or marijuana discovered by
the researchers? !

A. sleeplessness, heavy sweating, lack of appetite and
B. smoking marijuana might damage reproductive
C. pot smoking might damage brains and organs
D. that people went to their graves before their time
E. that drugs were very dangerous for people


In line 7, the word "they" refers to ...

A. lungs
B. researchers
C. dangerous effect
D. organs of the body
E. reproductive organs


The main idea of the first paragraph is ...

A. the character of Steve
B. the dangers of smoking pot
C. the habit of smoking pot
D. Steve, a handsome teenager
E. The advantages of smoking pot

Wacana 3


That oil has helped’ to shape the world is not an
exaggeration. Indeed, the discovery of oil during the
last hundred years has changed a great deal of things.
An oil product called kerosene has replaced firewood
in the kitchen of our cities. Motor vehicles using
gasoline or diesel oil have put animal-drawn carriages
into museums. Steamships have lost against motor
vehicles. Diesel locomotives have driven steam
locomotives off the rails. :Jet planes using aviation fuel
fly the skies, making remote places reachable in a
matter of hours.

That oil is indispensable to our everyday lives is
not an exaggeration, either. Yet few of us ever ask how
this important liquid is extracted from the earth and
changed into finished products. In the first place, it is
not an easy matter to find an oil reserve. Exploration
teams, sent by oil companies, have to go to remote
places, find sometimes have to live under harsh
conditions, to explore the earth or seabed for oil. They
study the rock and the soil, and if there are promising
result, the next thing for the oil company to do is to
send a drilling team to the location. Again, this not a
simple matter. Roads, for examples, have to be built
first to transport the men and materials to the site. What
is worse, the first drilling does not always bring about
oil. The drilling team often has to drill up to ten wells
before oil is found.


Animal-drawn carriages have been replaced by ...

A. ships
B. vehicles
C. planes
D. motor vehicles
E. motor boats and vessels


To find an oil reserve people have to explore ...

A. any location
B. rock or oil
C. rock or water
D. the earth or seabed
E. remote places only


In line 15, the word "this" refers to ...

A. building a road them
B. sending a drilling team
C. gathering the crude oil
D. sending exploration teams
E. sending exploration machinery


In line 13, the word "they" refers to ...

A. people
B. exploration teams
C. finished product
D. oil companies
E. harsh conditions


The main idea of the first paragraph is that ...

A. oil has changed a great deal of things
B. kinds of oil for transportation
C. the importance of transportation
D. motor vehicles using gasoline
E. further processing of oil


Exploration teams, sent bay oil companies, have to go
to remote places, (paragraph 2 line 11).

The word "remote" in the sentence above means ...

A. busy
B. near
C. faraway
D. crowded
E. close


An oil product called ... has replaced firewood in the
kitchen of our cities.

A. diesel oil
B. gasoline
C. kerosene
D. lubricant
E. petrol

Wacana 4

In agriculture, for example, to fulfill demand for
food supply, Man tends to concentrate on growing a
single species of plant (monoculture) in area. High
densities of crops provide optimum condition for pests
and spread disease. To kill pests and the spread of
disease man the uses pesticides, especially insecticides.
Trough effective, it is expensive and can kill many
organisms whish harmless to Man's crops so upsetting
the balance of the ecosystem. They may kill the pest's
natural enemies, thus removing a form of biological
control of the pests. Moreover, pesticides, DDT for
example, can accumulate within the tissues of
organism, and be passed along food chains where they
increase in concentration. Animals at the end of the
food chain may doses large enough to be fatal.

Industrialization pollutes the atmosphere, soil and
water. The main factors in this are the release of
chemical waste from industrial processes the use of
pesticides and herbicides, accumulation of unwanted
materials (rubbish) and the increasing disposal of the
radioactive waste.

The only means of preventing over-exploration of
plants, animals and natural resources, and preserving
the stability of the ecosystem is by conservation. The
government gives protection to the species and animal
threatened with extinction and campaigns to conserve
energy. Forest conservation, re-forestatiori, re-gene
ring: National Parks, like Ujung Kulon for example, to
hunt, kill or trade in protected animal such as
elephants, orang utans, rhinoceros, and cassowary.
Recent efforts to transfer elephants from the
neighboring areas to Air Sugihan in South Sumatra is a
means of protecting elephants for extinction.

All this has to be done to raise the quality of the
environment and to produce a balance of nature.


What are the bad effect of industrialization?

A. it pollutes the atmosphere, soil and water
B. it preserves the stability of the ecosystem
C. it decrease disposal of radioactive waste
D. it doesn't accumulate unwanted materials
E. it makes the environments clean and fresh


Why does the government give protection to the spices
and animal?

A. to make them easy to transport
B. to preserves them from extinction
C. to make a better life for them
D. to make the forest always green
E. to preserves the stability of the ecosystem


In line 7, the word "they" refer to ?

A. pesticides
B. species of plant
C. high densities of crops
D. man and pesticides
E. optimum condition and spread disease


In line 21, the word "there" refers to...

A. Air Sugihan
B. Ujung Kulon
C. South Sumatra
D. Forest Conservation
E. The neighbouring area


The main idea of the third paragraph is about ...

A. How to preserve the stability of ecosystem
B. How to kill and trade the animal
C. How to green the National Parks
D. How to protect the elephants
E. How to transfer the elephants


Be careful throwing away chemicals. They may act as
... to soil water.

A. wastes
B. pollutants
C. predators
D. destroyers
E. protectors


In short time human being have been on earth, they
have learned to change the environment to provide
their needs and luxuries.

The underline words mean ...

A. surrounding
B. forest
C. people
D. animals
E. plants

Wacana 5

When we buy canned or bottled food products at
the grocer's or the supermarket, we will find out that
there are some additives added to the main nutrients.
An additives is a non-nutritive substance intentionally
added to food generally in small quantities, to improve
appearance, flavor, storage properties, etc.

Most governments issue lists of permitted
additives stating the highest acceptable concentration,
defining food products in which they may be used and
sometimes recommending the maximum daily
consumption. Such legislation is revised periodically,
and product may be added to or deleted from permitted
lists because of additional scientific knowledge and
experience of their use.

A group of food additives includes vitamins,
amino acids, and minerals which are added to
foodstuffs to compensate for losses occurring during
processing or to provide additional sources in diet that
might otherwise be deficient in such nutrients.
Examples of their use include enrichment of margarine
with the addition of vitamin A, and niacin amide to
flour or bread. Salt often has a small amount of iodine
to it to avoided a diet deficiency that can cause goiter

Appearance is an important factor in food appeal,
and legislation in most countries permits the addition
of both natural and synthetic coloring mater based on
the coloring standards issued by the Food and
Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health
Organization (WHO).

Flavoring materials are added to basic foodstuff
to; provide a characteristic product flavor or to
supplement or modify the original flavor. Most
flavoring materials are still of natural origin, but
progress in organic chemistry has made, it possible to
analyze flavoring materials and to synthesize product
similar with those found in nature.

Flavor can also be influenced by the addition of
the flavor enhancer such as monosodium glutamate
which intensifies perception of flavoring.


Canned or bottled food product contain additives
besides ...

A. non-nutritive substances
B. margarine with vitamins
C. storage properties
D. small quantities
E. main nutrients


The lists of permitted additives were issued by ...

A. grocer
B. consumer
C. legislation
D. governments
E. food producer


The iodine prevent us from developing ...

A. decay
B. goiter
C. vitamins
D. nutrient
E. diet deficiency


In line 16, the word "it" refers to ...

A. salt
B. flour
C. bread
D. margarine
E. niacin amide


The best title for the above text is ...

A. Food and Vitamins
B. Food and Additives
C. Food and Their use
D. Food and Nutrients
E. Food and a Diet Deficiency


Tinned food is very practical, but it is not as good as ...

A. fast
B. fresh
C. bottled
D. canned
E. synthetic


We have known that ... food is necessary for healthy
bodies and keen minds.

A. fast
B. sweet
C. canned
D. nourishing
E. starchy


The dimension of a ... are by its length, width, and

A. cube
B. square
C. triangle
D. rectangle
E. trapezium


In a tropical country many children die of dehydration.

This means that they die because they lack of ... in their

A. salt
B. water
C. protein
D. energy
E. vitamin


Guide : Is it your first visit to Bali?

Mr. Blake : No. I ... here twice.

A. am
B. was
C. will be
D. must be
E. have been


Instead saying:

The travellers were so tired

They didn't continue their journey.

We can also say ...

A. The travellers were tired because they didn't
continue their journey.
B. The travellers were so tired that they didn't
continue their journey.
C. The travellers were so tired if they didn't continue
their journey.
D. They didn't continue their journey so they were
E. They didn't continue their journey but they were


Toni : Vera, are you going to go to Yanti's birthday

Roni : If she invited me I would go.

From Roni's answer we know that Yanti ... him.

A. invites
B. invited
C. did not invite
D. does not invite
E. will not invite


Mother ... the food by the time the children come

A. cooks
B. cooked
C. will cook
D. has cooked
E. will have cooked


Dina : Roni, that is the most popular book.

Roni : Oh ya. It must have been write by a
distinguished professor.

From the dialogue we know that Ani is sure
distinguished professor ... that book.

A. wrote
B. would write
C. should write
D. planned to write
E. wanted to write


Ani : What would you like to drink?

Irwan : ... will do.

A. Everything
B. Something
C. Anything
D. Nothing
E. None


Bona : Can you help me to answer this question, Tony?

Toni : I would rather you answered it yourself.

The underline sentences means. That Bona ... the
question herself.

A. answers
B. answered
C. has answered
D. did not answer
E. does not answer


Ani : There is a good film Murni Theater.

Will you join me, Hen?

Heri : Certainly.

Ani : Please, come to my house at 4.00 p.m. If you
want to.

The underline sentence means that ...

A. Heri wants to join Ani to see the film.
B. Ani wants to see the film without Heri.
C. Ani doesn't want to join Heri to the film.
D. Heri doesn't want to go with Ani.
E. Ani wants to see the film with Heri.


Roni : Father, my type write is out of order.

Father : Don't worry, I'll get it mended.

The sentence underlined has the same meaning as ...

A. Father will mend it him self.
B. Father wants my sister to mend it,
C. My father will ask someone to mend it.
D. My sister ask father to mend it.
E. Someone will ask father to mend it.


"Do you borrow this book from the library? " asked

Deni wanted to know whether I ... that book from the

A. borrow
B. borrowed
C. will borrow
D. have borrowed
E. am going to borrowed


Ani : You promised to return my book now. I need

Dian : ... I left it home. I'll give it you this afternoon.

A. I'm sorry
B. I don't mind
C. I'm very terrible
D. I'm so pleased
E. I'm very awful


Irfan : The test very difficult.

Toni : Hopefully, you can.

The underline utterance is an expression of ...

A. showing disappointment
B. giving instruction
C. admitting something
D. complaining something
E. showing expectation


Johan : Are you working here, Ivan?

Ivan : Yes, I have been working here for a month.

Johan : Oh, really ...

A. I'm very surprised
B. I'm very anxious
C. I'm confused
D. I'm terrible
E. I'm worried


Father : Where's Helen? It's already 20.30 now.

Mother : She's going working to the Jakarta Fair.

Father : I'm afraid. She gets lost.

The underline phrase express ...

A. hope
B. attention
C. surprise
D. worry
E. disappointment


The teacher : ..., please, we'll start the lesson.

The student : All right. Sir.

A. Be quiet
B. Be careful
C. That right
D. Take care
E. Be a good class